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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Lori, and this is the place I share my journey. Who am I? I’m a survivor of divorce, a (newly appointed) dreamer, a newlywed who dared to try love again, and a mom to four amazing kids and four also amazing step children (yes, you counted right, that’s EIGHT!). Come and share my journey from wife of seventeen years to divorced, single mama dabbling in dating to newlywed and mom to our large brood.

Through the ups and downs of my journey, I’ve begun to surround myself with real, generous, giving people and try to eliminate the negativity from my life. I love laughing, spending time with my husband and family, photography, volleyball and softball, popping off and keeping people on their toes. I craft a little, decorate a little, cook a little, and drink a little. I was born and raised in Utah, and spent a few years in San Diego, CA (a place close to my heart). I may live in the mountains, but I’m really a beach girl through and through. Bring me my sunglasses and tanning lotion, stat!

This is where I’m recording lessons I’ve learned, trials I’ve encountered and growth I’ve experienced post-divorce while finding balance and growing into my authentic self. This is who I am. If you don’t like it here, move on to the next blog, please. I really could care less. Part of loving people is loving yourself. And that, I do.

8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Mary Lou

    Lori.. i have just read some of your posts and it resonates deeply in my soul… I too have had some revelations this past month about my ‘ marriage that shouldnt have happened and only married in paper’ marriage. Being wife#4 and the mistress on #3, we both brought much baggage into this marriage and ‘settled’ for each other bcse of it all….Love??? Respect??? Honor??? Loyality??? not grown in/by time… torn down and slung like dung at each other…In our 9th year of marriage, 2.5yrs have been him in an affair to ‘ intentionally hurt me and retaliation for time and resources lost’… 13yrs together in total… most of it fighting for ‘who is right and what can i say or do to hurt you’ mentality – both ways….Anyways, at this time, he has chosen once again that ‘ a female friend’ that was there to help him in his previous affair that just finished in December… is now his ‘best friend’ and he is not going to change who he is or what he is doing and that ‘she’ is more important as his ‘friend’ than i am as his wife. Trying to express my feelings and ‘findings’ about myself and the past that i have carried forward to our marriage.. and what my fears and insecurites, rejection and abanonment issues are….’ are all mine to deal with’ and ‘ i should have told him before marriage so that he wouldnt have married me bcse i was so damaged’….. and all this pain that has been slung at eachother is ‘abuse’….
    I am excited to read your posts in hope that my journey to self will finally set me free from who i was ( wasnt) in this marriage with a man that has a closet closed so tight that he will fight to the death to keep it locked up… except to come out fighting to protect his new relationships with coverups an lies, (not 100% commit to this marriage to try with counselling/help)… again….
    So i find myself with such a broken spirit, soul and heart for the man that was my ‘knight in shining armour’ at one time till both of us couldnt figure out how to help each other – help each other … to find ‘our journey together’.

    I look forward to any insightful words you might have for me…. I have held myself in shame, bondage, guilt and ‘hope’ …. I am trying to let my head reveal the facts… not my heart relive my feelings….
    I do need help…
    Thank you for your time,
    Mary Lou


    • Lori

      Oh Mary Lou, I’m so sorry. You have been through quite a roller coaster ride. I urge you to try to speak to someone. It does no good keeping this all inside. That can be a counselor or therapist or a close friend. Here, we have free divorce/counseling help at some of the local women’s centers etc. The counseling is usually free.

      Also, if you can work on you, you will gain so much energy for the battle. Getting sleep and taking a walk every day was nourishing for me. I sometimes wanted to blow it off, but was so happy after I went.

      Right now it’s like you’re injured or bleeding. No need to nurture the relationship or him now. You have to focus on you.

      Good luck, and stay strong.


    • Lori

      You are so sweet! Thank you, sincerely. Though I hardly feel like an influence most times :) I appreciate your nomination and thank you do much for following!


      • aveline07

        Thank YOU. You really have inspired me with your story, vulnerability and strength. You one of the first bloggers I came across in my journey out of my “fog” and it was recognizing myself and my situation in your words that really helped give me a “kickstart”. So glad you are continuing to share.



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