I pondered posting the announcement of our pregnancy here on my blog and on Facebook. I debated just letting people find out naturally…either by word-of-mouth or by seeing my growing belly. But then I realized that this is a huge part of my life, and writing about my life is important to me–the main reason I began blogging is because writing helps me process, and this girl is definitely gonna need to process!

One reason I thought of delaying the announcement is that I’m typically the girl who keeps this kind of news to myself as long as possible (well, between me and my husband). What if something went wrong? It was almost as if I thought I would jinx something if I announced my pregnancies prior to 12 weeks–the “safe” zone. I’m weird like that. If something went wrong, I wouldn’t have to share the painful news with anyone and no one would know anything was going on.

But once again, Brandon showed me a different side of the coin.

The day we found out we were pregnant, he was jumping to tell my kids that night. I was so conflicted with telling them so soon. “What if something goes wrong?” I asked him. “Well, they’ll all be wondering why we’re crying so much and we’ll have to tell them anyways!” he replied, quick as can be. Good point.

There are more reasons I debated sharing the news so soon…

I’m 43.
My youngest will be 11 in July.
This will be my 5th baby…Our 9th child together. 4 his, 4 mine, and 1 of ours.

Sometimes people don’t think before they speak. Sometimes people are rude and judging and scoff at the idea of a woman having a child in her 40s. And a women who has 8 who is now having a 9th? Well, that’s just downright absurd!

I don’t want to hear the negative BS from people. I really don’t. After announcing my pregnancy, I’ve already heard things like, “Wow! Good luck!” and “Is this a good thing?” Wow. And these people are supposedly my “friends.” This baby is a complete blessing. It’s not a curse or a burden. This baby coming to Brandon and me is definitely meant to be. Do I care what people think and what they say to me? Of course not. But I don’t want negative energy coming my way either. C’mon people. THINK before you speak.

I’m in a place right now that I’m still wrapping my head around the idea of becoming a new mother again. I was stunned when I found out I was able to get pregnant at 43, and believe me, I know all of the statistics and percentages for mothers over 40. My main goal right now is to not worry and to give this baby the best start possible.

Things in our lives will shift. Changes are coming. And Brandon and I and all 8 of our kids are thankful for this blessing.

One more thing. Thanks to all of you for the well wishes and for all of the love coming our way. We’re getting ready for a fun ride!

7 Responses to “A baby is always a miracle”

      • MomBox

        I’m surviving and thriving a bit more everyday Lori…it’s a lot of work (hmmm sort of the word for it…lol), but I have a lot to be grateful for. We’re all in this together :) Hugs to you and baby.


  1. iamfindingaway

    I think it’s wonderful! How special and
    what a blessing that you are adding to your family.

    People say the most insensitive things. Boooo to them and congratulations to you. Now you get a baby with your new love, what an awesome way to add to your family. Can you imagine how loved that baby will be?! ❤️



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